Four days on the road with the BMW M3

Day 1 – München, Germany to Zell Am See, Austria

The trip kicked off with a early morning flight to München. We touched down in Germany at around 10 am ready for the roadtrip of our lives.. (at least to this point on our life). After walking around 15 minutes trying to find a taxi we eventually found a nice German guy with an impressive moustache. He was willing to drive us to our first destination, BMW Welt. And boy did he drive.. his beat up Mercedes took us there in no time! This also gave us a small taste of the speeds we would be experiencing later in our adventure. 😉

At BMW Welt, the largest BMW museum in the world, we experienced the past, present and future cars that define the BMW brand. From the classic E30 M3 to the futuristic Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car. For passionate BMW fans as ourselves it was a great experience to see these cars up close. What came next was something we couldn’t prepare for. We were escorted down to the garage and presented with our very own M3. All ours for the next 4 days! The all black F80 M3. Ours was also fitted with the competition package, boosting the horsepower output to north of 460.

Day 2 – Zell Am See, Austria to Bolzano, Italy

After staying one night in the small and cosy town of Zell Am See, we got into the M3 ready for another day of adventure. Today’s destination were Bolzano, the capital in South Tyrol located in northern Italy. Today we were really going to experience our first taste of the Alps has to offer. After a short drive we started the climb up Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain. After driving the M3 around sharp turns up the mountainside, testing the amazing handling of the M3, we finally reached the top 2 hours later. The view was.. breathtaking!

After taking in the views at the top we headed down towards the Italian border. We stopped at this idyllic lake to stretch our legs and create some content. It’s not hard to create content with this breathtaking nature. It helps that the car is a total black beast as well.

Day 3 – Bolzano, Italy to Innsbruck, Austria

This was the day that we were really going to experience the Alps. One of todays highlights were driving the infamous Stelvio Pass, a mountain pass on the border to Switzerland. Before we started our climb towards the top we drove through a cosy Italian town with some beautiful arcitecture. We stopped by this old church below, which we thought were the perfect contrast to the devilish M3.

We were soon back on the road and ready to replace small cosy Italian towns with the steep and brutal mountains of the Italian Alps. As we already had seen in Austria, the view was spectacular!

After a while we finally arrived to the infamous Stelvio Pass. While it was a cool experience, the actual driving was not all that great. Being the nr 1 “tourist spot” for people on a roadtrip, the narrow roads had quite a lot of traffic. Not a good combination to test the capabilities of the brutal M3. But for us it was a bucket list kind of thing to experience this, so we were happy just to have been there anway. We were having plently of other opportunities to test the limits of the black beast!

We were extremely in luck with the weather during our trip. The past two days, the sun had blasted down with temperatures north of 30 degrees. This day was no exception. How does one solve this problem in this area of the world? One word – Gelato. We drove down the mountain and stopped in a cosy little town called Glorenza. Here we enjoyed some delicious ice cream and also created some content.

Along the road to Innsbruck we found this abandoned gas station. Of course we had to stop and take some photos!

We arrived in Innsbruck just in time to watch the sunrise over the city. An amazing end to a perfect day.

Day 4 – Innsbruck, Austria to München, Germany

The last day of our trip were spent driving from Innsbruck to München. Along the road we.. you guessed it.. took some photos!

Along the way we visited the Neuschwanstein castle, the castle that inspired the Disney castle. Awesome experience!

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