The Super Stretch Suit

In collaboration with Bertoni of Denmark


t was an amazing experience to put on the Super Stretch suit for the first time. The fit is great and cut close to the body, while at the same time it feels very comfortable. The addition of Elastane in the fabric also makes the suit extremely flexible and prevents wrinkles to appear.

To be honest, my first thought after putting on the suit was “I could work out in this”, which is rarely the feeling I get when suiting up! However it is a feeling I could get used to. Not because I wan’t to wear the suit to the gym, which obviously would look a bit weird (it has been done though, check this video), but because wearing a suit that you feel you can do anything in is refreshing!

Wearing the Super Stretch Suit from Bertoni

The Super Stretch Suit collection comes in a range of different colours ranging from Black to Denim Blue. I found my favourite in the Blue coloured suit which is in a perfect shade of blue that will make you stand out but at the same time stay classy. The colour is also perfect to wear for the upcoming National Day in Norway, with the blue closely matching that of the cross in the Norwegian National flag.

The perfect suit for celebrating 17th of May

For this look I paired my Super Stretch suit with the Hjalmar shirt. The floral prints on the shirt are very on-trend right now, and the blue hued flowers pairs perfectly with the colour of the suit.

Suit and shirt details

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